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ALOFT With gas pistons-simple and efficient.
OVERLIE For two doors utilizing ease and convenience.
SLANT Universal and functional.
UPRIGHT Ideal for kitchens with high ceilings.




HANGING BREAD BIN An efficient and needed accessory for any kitchen. Made of quilted fabric coated to preserve freshness.
INTERIOR DRAWERS Offering depth for greater storage capacity and neat, orderly arrangement to keep all your kitchen tools readily available.
ORGANIZING DRAWER especially for all your tableware and smaller cookware. Excellent for keeping everyday dinnerware well organized and readily available.
LARGE MULTI-PURPOSE DRAWER Tailor made interior for ease in placement of spice jars, cutlery or any cooks tools you require easy access to.
ESSENTIAL COMPARTMENT & ACCESSORIES DRAWER Designed to keep all your kitchen tools and accessories together and organized, increasing your valuable counter space.
THE STORING SYSTEM for all your tableware and glassware. This drawer keeps all your tableware perfectly arranged and safe from potential breakage with its storage compartments.
THE SINK DRAWER will keep all your cleaning sponges and accessories organized and readily accessible. A must have for any kitchen.
ALL PURPOSE DRAWERS for all your storage needs large and small. These drawers solve all your organizational needs for a neat efficient running kitchen.
ORGANIZERS to help you keep your designed kitchen furniture efficient, neat and well organized.
DESIGNER DRAWER offers maximum efficiency and functionality with innovative design style.
REMOVABLE BREAD DRAWER Quilted fabric coated accessories for storing and maintaining freshness.